Strength to Strength provides a safe, private and nurturing environment that will allow us to do the work to help you feel better. Our sessions are strictly confidential which is why I do not accept payments directly from insurance companies. This policy is explained in greater detail below.

For those with private insurance, Strength to Strength is considered out of network. Some insurance companies do offer benefits to patients who use an out of network provider. You can check your insurance policy, or call your insurance company’s customer service number, to find out if your plan offers out of network benefits.

If so, and if you’d like your insurance company to reimburse you, I will provide you with a monthly or quarterly statement containing the clinical information your insurance company will need. It will be your responsibility to file a claim.

I decided not to accept insurance for several reasons. Your privacy as a client is of great concern to me. You might not want your neighbors, friends or family to know that you are in therapy. While insurance companies are legally required to maintain patient privacy, they would also require me to send them documents and forms detailing our sessions.

Once those forms leave my hands, I have no control over who sees them. Many different people at the insurance company can read and review your personal information.

Another reason why I avoid working with insurance companies is that they take control over authorizing visits. Your insurance company might decide that you get a certain number of sessions to deal with a particular issue, even though they aren’t the ones treating you. To get more sessions authorized, they would ask you for more details about what we discuss in session.

Finally, using insurance to cover your treatment today may impact your health and life insurance options in the future. If you switch health benefits providers or decide to purchase a life insurance policy, the provider might charge you a higher premium or consider you a higher risk.

I’m happy to answer any additional questions you have about insurance and payments. Please call me at 561-213-7638 or contact me online.