Traditional In-Person Therapy

One-on-one therapy sessions offer a gentle, caring environment in which you and I can get to know each other. We’ll build our trust and gain a better understanding of what you’re going through. Together, using a variety of effective techniques, we’ll explore ways you can solve personal problems, repair relationships, and develop new behavior patterns and attitudes — so you can live a healthier, happier life.

Group Therapy

Strength to Strength is about helping you build your emotional strength to work through whatever painful or troubling life experience that is preventing you from enjoying the life you deserve. It is my strength in the beginning that will get you on the path to find your strength.

Online Therapy

Individual sessions are available online for adults who are residents of Florida or Arkansas. Known as telehealth or online therapy, this option is useful for anyone who cannot attend therapy sessions in person. Your online therapy session will take place via a secure, HIPAA-compliant video conferencing service.


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Most of us feel sad, blue or down in the dumps occasionally. Depression is deeper and more intense. It is often accompanied by irritability, hopelessness, and boredom.

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Anxiety is a mixed blessing. It can motivate us to achieve and it can prevent us from reaching our goals. If anxiety is getting in your way, we have many options to help you bring it under control.

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Relationship and Family Issues

As a specially trained and experienced therapist, I am here to help you build a stronger foundation for your relationships with your loved ones.

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Trauma and PTSD

An unsettling or terrifying event in life can trigger trauma, very uncomfortable symptoms and even post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). Quick relief is available.

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Grief, Loss & Betrayal

All relationships end eventually. When the end comes quicker than expected or under traumatic circumstances, the process of grieving can be complicated. We even grieve before the real end comes, often creating confusing feelings.

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Domestic Abuse

You don’t have to feel stuck in a domestic abuse situation anymore. Whether you’re the victim or the aggressor, you don’t have to settle for less.

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Sexual Abuse

Abuse can take many forms, including physical and emotional. Sexual abuse occurs when a person forces sexual activity on another.

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Bipolar Disorder

Sometimes your mood is up and you feel excited for the all the possibilities in the world, incredibly restless, and as if the ideas are coming to you so quickly you can barely keep up.

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