Strength to Strength is about helping you build your emotional strength to work through whatever painful or troubling life experience that is preventing you from enjoying the life you deserve.

Working through and overcoming pain is a process. Depending on your individual goals and progress, I may recommend individual therapy in combination with group therapy. By working with others in a secure and nurturing setting, you’ll benefit from others’ experiences while helping others with your own insights and realizations.

Group Therapy Sessions at Strength to Strength

My group therapy sessions are safe and non-judgmental. All group members are expected to observe strict confidentiality. This ensures that everyone is free to explore and share for everyone’s benefit. And by sharing and discussing our experiences, everyone can gain new insights, learn how to better manage our emotions, and practice new skills.

New groups form in response to the needs of clients. Current groups are:
  • Women’s Group
  • Group for Women who feel betrayed by a spouse/partner
  • Group for Men whose spouses/partners feel betrayed; Facilitated by David Wohlsifer, PhD, LCSW
If you are interested in joining a group, whether it is listed here or not, please contact me.

To learn whether group counseling in Boca Raton is right for you, please contact me at 561-213-7638 or contact me online to set up a consultation.