Do I Need Counseling for Grief, Loss or Betrayal?

Throughout life, there may be times when you experience loss, grief or betrayal. The event or situation could have a negative impact on your mood, your thoughts, interactions with others and overall health.

  • Loss of a family member of dear friend is painful. Everywhere we turn, there are constant reminders of a deceased loved one. We learn to detach or withdraw as a coping mechanism.
  • A breakup of a marriage or partnership, or the dissolution of a lifelong friendship can cause heartache, loss or anger.
  • Someone you trusted may have betrayed you by having an affair, spreading gossip or concealing information from you causing pain and distrust.
  • A change in your financial circumstances forced you to move, downsize or loss of possessions may result in feelings of insecurity or shame.
Everyone experiences and responds to grief, loss and betrayal differently. While some people are able to pick up the pieces and get on with their lives quickly, others can get stuck, reliving the cause of their sorrow or finding reminders of their loss in everyday situations.

Mental Health Counseling in Boca Raton

But there is hope. Strength to Strength offers you a safe and nurturing place to work through your feelings of grief and to help you come to terms with your loss or betrayal. As a licensed clinical social worker and therapist in Boca Raton with more than 15 years of experience, I develop individualized therapy programs that help clients recover from the darkest and loneliest places.

If your grief and sorrow is weighing you or a loved one down, please call me today at 561-213-7638 or contact me online. We’ll schedule a free no-obligation session and begin your healing process.