Do I Need Therapy for Anxiety?

It’s natural for people to experience anxiety from time to time. The nerves you experience before a job interview or first date are normal. Getting an uneasy feeling can keep you out of dangerous or potentially harmful situations. Anxiety can take over your life, becoming a persistent presence and making it difficult for you to enjoy the activities you love, or to spend time with your family and loved ones.

Anxiety can take many forms. You might feel anxious at the thought of spending time with others or of meeting new people, fearful that you will say or do something wrong or that the people you meet will dislike you. Anxiety can also express itself in the form of repeated behaviors or rituals that you feel you must perform to avoid harm.

Other forms include experiencing a sense of panic in an unfamiliar situation or consistent worry about the possibility of a panic attack. You might limit your interactions with others or spend most of your time indoors, at home, concerned that a panic attack will happen if you leave your home. Anxiety can also take the form of a general sense of doom and dread that keeps you from spending time with others, going on trips or even running daily errands.

Get Help for Anxiety in Boca Raton

No matter the cause of your anxious feelings, help is available. At Strength to Strength in Boca Raton, I offer compassionate care to help you work through your feelings of anxiety and take back your life. We’ll work together to develop an understanding of the causes of your anxiety. No matter how much pain you are in or how difficult anxious feelings have made your life, I can help you in a safe and nurturing environment.

Anxiety doesn’t have to rule your life.

Call me today at 561-213-7638 or contact me online to set up an initial consultation. We’ll decide together on a course of treatment for anxiety that will best help you.