Do I Need Therapy for Bipolar Disorder?

Sometimes your mood is up and you feel excited for the all the possibilities in the world, as if the ideas are coming to you so quickly you can barely keep up. At other times, you might feel hopeless, shrouded over with feelings of depression and unable to find joy in things you usually love.

Although close to 6-million people in the US suffer from symptoms of bipolar disorder, the feelings you experience are unique to you. The condition affects different people in different ways. You may find that you spend more time stuck on a negative thought or feeling weighing you down, or so irritable and energetic that it’s hard to concentrate and be productive. You may find that feelings of depression overwhelm you, making it difficult to see your place in the world.

Your intense feelings might get in the way of you having fulfilling relationships with friends, family or lovers. The emotional highs and lows can affect your ability to find and keep a job or your ability to accomplish or pursue your personal goals in life.

Treatment for Bipolar Disorder in Boca Raton

I provide bipolar disorder therapy to people who are frustrated and tired of the intense mood swings. If I am fortunate enough to work with you, I’ll help you master those thoughts and behaviors that are currently holding you back from leading a highly productive life and career.

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