Do I Need Therapy for Depression?

Most of us feel sad, blue or down in the dumps occasionally. But when these feelings of sadness intensify into helplessness, hopelessness and/or worthlessness, it’s time to take notice. Depression can also be accompanied by irritability and boredom.

Has it been getting harder to get out of bed? Have you stopped taking care of yourself physically? Have your sleeping or eating habits become erratic, or decreased or increased significantly? Is your performance at work or school declining? Have you lost interest in things that used to make you happy? If you answered yes to some of these questions, you must read on.

Some people might experience an episode of major depression just once in their lifetime. For others, feelings of hopelessness, sadness, guilt and anxiety, as well as other symptoms, come and go often throughout life. A major life change, such as the birth of a child, a divorce, death, financial loss or even a change in the amount of sunlight, can cause an episode of depression in some people.

People can become depressed after suffering a trauma in their lives or because of their genetic makeup. Sometimes depression occurs if you’re suffering from a physical illness, such as an injury or chronic disease.

One misconception about depression is that you can will yourself to recover from it. Loved ones may be telling you to just “get up and get over it” or “go out and have fun”. If your depression is affecting your life in any way, proper therapy and treatment will help you get you back on track quickly and safely.

Treatment for Depression at Strength to Strength

As a licensed clinical social worker and therapist, I offer treatment for depression that will enable you to climb out of the darkest places. The Strength to Strength environment is safe and nurturing so you are free to explore the underlying causes of your depression. My approach is gentle and non-judgemental. As we work together during your therapy for depression, you will build skills to reduce your risk of future episodes of depression.

No matter how badly you may be feeling right now, I can assure you there is hope. All you need to do is call me at 561-213-7638 or contact me online. We’ll schedule a free no-obligation session at my office in Boca Raton. We’ll get to know each other, exchange some ideas and determine how to begin your healing journey.